If they can dream it, then definitely they can weave it. The T'nalak is a traditional clothing of Tboli people and known for its vibrant colors made of their own unique natural dyes. The inspiration thereof is acquainted with mysticism that designs cannot be created unless they see it in their dreams. This craft has been passed to generations since the beginning of the enchanting dreams of Lang Dulay, their princess who just died in 2015. In this photo, two girls can be seen learning the art from their master weaver who was able to visualize the design from her lucid dream and interpret it becoming part of their literature. And just like the dye of beautiful shade, their dreams and their weaves shall never come to fade.
Vividly Dreaming

Photographer: Neil Alvin Cuenca
Location: Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Best of SOX Photo Contest 2016

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