Attention photographers in Cotabato City & neighboring places!

In line with the celebration of the Shariff Kabunsuan Festival in the City of Cotabato, the Department of Tourism- 12 and the City Government of Cotabato in partnership with the Kutawato Camera Club and SOX PH invites you to join Tulad Kutawato sa Shariff Kabunsuan, the Shariff Kabunsuan Festival 2016 Obline Photography Contest!

Celebrate Shariff Kabunsuan Festival 2016 and showcase you photography skills for a chance to win exciting prizes! 

Tulad sa Kutawato sa Shariff Kabunsuan is OPEN TO ALL - amateur or professional photographers.. Checkout the contest guidelines & mechanins below!
Shariff Kabunsuan Festival 2016 Obline Photography Contest!

Tulad Kutawato sa Shariff Kabunsuan: Shariff Kabunsuan Festival 2016 Online Photography Contest

Guideline & Mechanics
1. Destinations Category (Open)
  • Photos should capture places in Cotabato City including natural or man-made attractions, scenery, heritage sites, landmarks, etc.
  • A participant may submit 3 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) photos as entries in this category.
  • Entries for this category must have been taken not earlier than January 1, 2016.
First Prize - P5,000.00 and certificate
Second Prize - P3,000.00 and certificate
Third Prize - P2,000.00 and certificate

2. Festival Category (Open)
  • Photos in this category must be taken in any activities of Shariff Kabunsuan Festival 2016 which is scheduled from December 15-19, 2016.
First Prize- P5,000.00 and certificate
Second Prize- P3,000.00 and certificate
Third Prize- P2,000.00 and certificate

  1. This contest is open to the public (residents and non-residents of Cotabato City)
  2. Both amateur and professional photographers may join.
  3. NO registration fee is required in joining this contest. However, participants must register their names and contacts with Kutawato Kamera Klab in order to claim their Contest IDs/Passes. For security purposes, participants without the proper IDs/Passes will not be allowed to cover any event.
  4. Contest passes will give the registered participant access to the following events: Opening Program, Bangala Exhibit, Colors of Cotabato, Kuyog Streetdancing at Showdown Competition, Battle of the Chiefs Culinary Competition, Grand Cultural Parade, Festival Bazaar, Grand Pagana, Guinakit Fluvial Parade, and Mini Guinakit Exhibit. 
  5. A participant may submit 3 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) photos in each category.
  6. Nudity, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, gruesome, and violent photos are automatically disqualified. Photos should focus on the theme.
  7. Only basic enhancements like cropping, resizing, and minor adjustments in brightness and contrast will be allowed. Strictly no HDR Rendering.
  8. Photos should not include watermarks, frames, or other markings on the photo, such as the date and time of the entry. 
  9. All entries must be the original work and owned by the participant and must not have been used or published in any media or posted online for whatever purpose. 
  10. Submission should be in .jpg or .png format and should be at the highest possible resolution and quality. 
  11. Photo Entries should be submitted through email -- not later than 12 MN of December 22, 2016
  12. Entries must include a title and a brief description. Participants must also include their name, contact number and address in the email.
  13. All submitted photo entries will be judged based on the following criteria: 
    Destinations Category (Open)
    • Visual Impact – 40 % (Does the photo capture the beauty of Cotabato City?)
    • Composition/ Arrangement – 20 % (Is the object/s of photo neatly arranged and pleasant to the eyes? Is the angle or perspective used by the photographer interesting?)
    • Focus/Sharpness/Lighting – 20 %  (Is the photograph sharp? Is the object of the photo in focus? Does it use proper lighting?)
    • Creativity – 20% (Does the photographer show creative and original idea in the making of the photo?)
    Festival Category (Open)
    • Visual Impact – 60 %
    • Festival Mood, Vibrancy and Ambiance – 40%
  14. Winners of the contest will be announced on December 29, 2016.
  15. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the contest in the event that an insufficient number of entries of suitable quality are submitted.
  16. All submitted entries, winning or non-winning, shall become property of Department of Tourism XII and Local Government of Cotabato City and may be published or used for promotional purposes by the organizers with due acknowledgement of the original owner. 
  17. The decision of the Board of Judges is FINAL.
(Per category)

First Prize: P5,000.00 and certificate
Second Prize: P3,000.00 and certificate
Third Prize: P2,000.00 and certificate

Most Popular Photo P3,000.00 (one winner) 
(Top 20 entries in each categories will be uploaded (after judging) at I LOVE SOX PH Facebook page for "photo liking". Entry with the most number of FACEBOOK LIKES will win the award. Follow I LOVE SOX PH Facebook Page for further instructions.)

Deadline of Submission of entries: 12 Midnight, December 22, 2016
Announcement of Winners: TBA

Mariecor K. Malao

Nanardz Navarro  
Mobile Nos: 09997261000 (Smart) 
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