The coastal town of Maitum in Sarangani Province recently celebrated Bangsi Festival, a celebration that is named after the  town's "one town, one product" or OTOP - the flying fish or bangsi for the locals. 

The week-long celebration which is held annually every last week of January gives tribute to the town's fisherfolks.

I was able to experienced Bangsi Festival this year and I must say that I really enjoyed it. I was one of the participants of the 13th conduct of Maitum Photo Safari, the longest-running and always well-attended photo competition in the region. 

For four days, LGU-Maitum hosted not less than fifty (50) photographers from all over Mindanao. We were provided with free hotel accommodation and foods just to capture the beauty and experience life in Maitum and the colorful and exciting activities of Bangsi Festival. Big prizes were also given to the winners of the photo competition.

Also among the highly-anticipated activities of Bangsi Festival is the Bangsiyawan or the streetdancing competition and showdown, and the Sugbarangayan wherein tons of flying fish are grilled simultaneously along the main streets of Maitum.

Sharing here 13 pictures that I personally took during the highly successful 13th Maitum Photo Safari and Bangsi Festival 2017. 

May these photos will help you decide to visit Maitum and experience Bangsi Festival in January next year! Please feel free to share!
Drying Bangsi
"I am from Brgy.Tuanadatu.. magsuba-sugba ta!" he said.

Early morning by the sea.


Dancing Bangsi

Shout and Smile


Eat. Sleep. Shoot!

A Dreamweaver too!

Bayanihan in Maitum


Seconds before Sugbangsi!

Fresh and Beautiful Bangsi! 
The last photo is one of my entries in this year's Maitum Photo Contest. It was among the top 10 finalists in the festival category. Not bad, right?

See you in Maitum next year!

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